Training & Apprenticeship

Training & Apprenticeship

Training & Apprenticeship

Golden Royal Technologies invites everyone who is not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and seeks to acquire hands-on experience in Fleet Telematics and Security Surveillance Installations. The academy offers a unique training course with lots of challenging practical tasks. You will gain up-to-date professional knowledge that can land in starting your own business.

As one of the leaders of in fleet telematics and Security Surveillance Installations in the world, we are all about vehicle tracking and diagnostics as well as Security Surveillance Installations. By now, our products offer anti-theft, access control, vehicle maintenance, speed limiting, and other original and cutting-edge solutions to our customers, but we are not stopping here. We are thrilled to put together innovative training programs for challenging minds like you. Are you ready to explore new territories? Start your journey with us.

Choose Your Field

By joining the training program, you will be able to test your skills in various fields. We offer a wide choice of positions to help you discover your talent and find the career path that is meant for you.

Start Your Business Career

Participating in our training program is your first step to starting your own business. Here you will not only gain practical knowledge but also get an excellent chance to start your own business. Talk to us if you are ready to start.

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