Security & Surveillance Installations

Security & Surveillance Installations

Security & Surveillance Installations

Golden Royal Technologies offer services (Sales and Installations) in Security surveillance solutions in the area of;

  • Access Control / Boom Gate / Turnstile
  • CCTV Installation and Live Video Surveillance
  • Smoke Detection
  • Employee Time & Attendance
  • Electric Fencing
  • Automatic Gate
  • Spy / Hidden Camera
  • Motion Detector
  • Intruder Alarm System

Access Control

We are diligent installers, and always thrill our clients with excellent after-sales service or support.
Golden Royal Technologies provides electronic access control systems that are designed to control access to a network, recognizes, authenticates and authorizes entry of a person (s) to enter into the premise thereby giving complete protection ensuring security with the system.

CCTV Installation & Live Video Surveillance

Golden Royal Technologies Security system will help you cover blind spots within your premises. Security technology systems remain a useful tool to protect lives, properties, assets and resources.

We also into the supplier and installation of commercial-grade surveillance systems, CCTV equipment, access control systems, motion detection, intruder alarm systems, fire alarm systems, early warning systems and accessories.

Our commercial and business position makes us have the capacity to address the security needs of small, medium and large-scale enterprises. We provide all manner of technologies ranging from basic to advanced security systems. As our flagship programme or services offered, we provide these technology packages for clients who subscribe to this service.