Route Planning & Monitoring

Route Planning & Monitoring

route planning

Route Planning And Monitoring

Golden Royal’s Route planning and scheduling provides you with key information to monitor the execution of routes and to anticipate future events, supporting your fleet management decisions.
This is a very powerful tool to create and control routes. You will be able to spot right away any vehicle that is not following its predefined, approved route. You will also know how far a vehicle is from its destination and also estimate its arrival time.


  • Efficient business planning: Know exactly what you can demand of your fleet by finding the best possible match between plan and execution.
  • Efficient fleet control: Follow route execution and receive a notification if a vehicle deviates from its planned route. Act before it’s too late to correct the situation.
  • Enhanced customer relations:Inform your customers some few minutes or kilometers before your vehicle gets to the customer’s premises.
  • Reduced fuel consumption:By planning routes properly, you can expect a reduction in the total mileage and the corresponding decrease in your fuel costs.