Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring


Fuel Monitoring

Fuel theft has always been a problem many companies face, especially in times when crude prices rise. However, these days fuel theft is becoming an austerity trend.
Fuel is one of the most elevated operational costs for companies with fleet of vehicles on the road. Company managers need to be alert and equip themselves with tools to identify and eliminate common situations such has fuel tank cap violation, sudden drops during a trip or during the night, and refilling anomalies.
Golden Royal Technologies system has a set of peripherals that help companies to identify fuel theft situations: Xpert, Fuel level sensor and Fuel tank cap sensor.

  • Automatically detect frauds in refilling fuel
  • Identify sudden fuel drops in the tank
  • Receive alerts if the tank cap is opened in unauthorized locations

Connected to the vehicle CanBus, helps the identification of fuel thefts with elevated precision. Variations superior to 5% ares detected by Xpert and identified as an anomaly generating an alarm. Minute by minute Xpert checks the fuel level in the tank and whenever a drop of 5% or more is registered an alarm is generated.

Fuel Level Sensor

Connected to the fuel level already existing in the vehicle helps detects variations. Minute by minute the Fuel Level Sensor checks the fuel level in the tank and whenever a drop of 10% or more is registered an alarm is sent in real time.

Fuel Tank Cap Sensor

Connected to the fuel tank cap helps identifying any situation of openings in unauthorized locations.