Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour


Driver Behaviour

Each day more companies are looking into the security conditions on the road, and encouraging the adoption of defensive driving behaviors, which will help them achieve:

  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Driver Behavior Analysis
  • Accidents rate reduction
  • Maintenance costs reduction

Our advanced technology collects information from the vehicle helping the drivers’ behaviour optimization. The solution also helps companies to obtain a reduction of the vehicles maintenance costs through the adoption of a more defensive driving style. Besides helping fuel consumption reduction and maintenance costs reduction companies can also reduce the accidents related with abusive driving styles.

Our Technology takes into account seven (7) indicators in the monitoring of driving styles and behavior. Companies can also implement programs designed to improve the behaviour behind the wheel, and reward the good drivers.

  • Economical driving time
  • Cruise control time
  • High rpm driving time
  • Harsh accelerations
  • Harsh braking
  • Hard cornering
  • Fuel spent in idle

Connected to the vehicle CanBus, helps the identification of fuel thefts with elevated precision. Variations superior to 5% ares detected by Xpert and identified as an anomaly generating an alarm. Minute by minute Xpert checks the fuel level in the tank and whenever a drop of 5% or more is registered an alarm is generated.

Advantages / Features

  • Helps reduce accidents for driver negligence
  • Set safety standards, reward drivers who comply and penalize those who do not.
  • Analyze driving behaviors in different periods
  • Helps reduce the wear and tear of brakes and motor
  • Helps monitor driving styles

Helps to ensure the safety of your field teams!